How to Find

Planning your wedding can be fun, exciting and even a little bit stressful. Okay, maybe more than a little bit. The best way to cut down on the stress level is to be organized in your planning. One way to do this is by coming up with early in the planning process and building upon each wedding idea you have.

So how does the bride find ideas? The first way is pretty easy. She should think about what she wants. Even if a bride does not know how every detail will play out, she probably has some general ideas of what she wants her wedding to be like.

Most brides to be have a general idea of a few things. Maybe you always thought tiaras were nicer than veils or you know how your hair should be or have an idea of the perfect bouquets or bridesmaid dresses. Start with what you absolutely know you want and build from there.

Run out of ideas already? Have you thought of all of the weddings you have attended? Look back at previous weddings and think about the things you loved and the things you hated. Use these weddings to help you make yours better, learn from other peoples mistakes and build upon great ideas.

You can also ask family and friends for ideas and advice. However if you do this you should realize that it is possible that this will open the door for people to continue giving you ideas and advice through the entire wedding planning process, no matter how long that lasts.

Still need help finding ? That is fine too! Go to your local bookstore and buy (or browse) through the wedding magazines and wedding books that you find there. You can start by looking at weddings in general or you can look for specific types of ideas, like picture books on wedding centerpieces or checking out different types and colors or flowers which will be available at the time of the wedding.

Want ideas now, don’t want to wait? Use the internet. The internet has plenty of resources for brides planning their wedding, from wedding planning articles to online wedding stores where you will be able to shop for all your wedding needs!

Beach For the Bride to Be

You may have noticed that themed weddings are the norm these days. Couples usually prefer a themed wedding because having a motif makes it easier for everybody to plan the wedding. A focus on a single theme will mean easier color, decoration, wedding favor and even venue coordination. A Beach themed wedding is perhaps one of the most popular motifs for weddings today. There are lots of beach in the internet. You just need some creativity and a lot of imagination.

Beach weddings are fun and very exciting to plan for. The atmosphere for beach weddings are light and gay but it can also be sweet and romantic at the same time. Nothing can be more heartwarming than having that first kiss during sunrise or sunset.

For any wedding, one of the first things on top of the checklist is the budget. Depending on how much you plan to spend, beach themed weddings can be as affordable and as expensive as you want them to be. Once you have settled on a budget you are comfortable with, everything comes easily into place.

The invitation sets easily conveys to your guests the theme of the wedding. One of the cutest beach we have come across is to use starfishes as invitation decorations. You don’t have to use an actual starfish but alternatives include Papier-mache starfishes, ceramic starfishes and even hand drawn starfishes.

Food is another one of the most important considerations for any weddings. Most guests will expect at least a light snack or a full meal after the wedding. With beach weddings, receptions can be held indoors or outdoors. Ideas for food can include a barbecue or grilled assorted seafood. Dessert can range from ice cream to tropical fruits. Speaking of tropical fruits, these make beautiful centerpieces for your guests’ tables. They can be arranged in beautiful and creative ways. It gives the wedding reception a tropical beach feeling.

The cake is the piece de resistance of any wedding reception. It symbolizes fertility and good luck. Wedding cakes have been a wedding tradition ever since the Roman Empire. Wedding cakes for beach weddings can be decorated accordingly. Aside from starfishes, shells, wave designs, mermaids and corals; the whole sea can be an inspiration for your beach themed wedding cake.

Beach are easy to come up with. Take your groomsmen’s boutonniere for example. Instead of the typical red rose, why not exchange it for leis? The bridesmaid’s headdresses and bouquets can be made from tropical flowers. Your cute little flower girls can wear hula costumes instead of gowns while they shower the aisle with colored sand and petals.

Perhaps the best thing about beach weddings is that you can hold the wedding and reception on the sands. The mood is almost always light and festive compared to church weddings. The wedding party can enjoy the view of the beach and be comfortable walking around either barefoot or wearing sandals. The beach is almost always breezy so you won’t have to worry about fainting spells or stuffy atmosphere.

Thinking up beach are an exercise not only in creativity and imagination but in originality as well. As it becomes more and more popular people are finding lots of ways of personalizing their beach I do’s.

Wonderful Wedding Ideas for the Offbeat Bride

Not every bride is a traditionalist, nor is every wedding going to be the expected white wedding. If you consider yourself to be quirky, eclectic, whimsical, geek-chic, or just an individual, it is important that your wedding reflects your style. These are some wonderful wedding ideas for the offbeat bride.

The wedding invitations are a great way to give your guests a sneak peek at what your event will be like. If you are a non-traditionalist, ditch the engraved white invitations, and do something more fun. A custom video invitation could be a really neat idea for the tech-savvy couple. This is one wedding project that the groom might even be really into. A cool thing about a video invite is that it will feel really personal, even though it uses the latest technology, unlike an e-vite or email invitation. It would be particularly nice to mail your video invitations out on a dvd so that your family and friends will get to have it as a keepsake.

A great way to show off your own unique style is by choosing a wedding dress and custom wedding jewelry as special as you are. Color is a favorite way to personalize a wedding dress, whether it is a subtle accent or an entirely red gown. It is usually best to work with a seamstress or designer to create an entirely original gown, rather than trying to adapt something that is readymade. The options are limitless, from the bride who wore a red tulle skirt with black flames stitched on it to the one who designed a couture frock made from vintage fur, metallic lace, silk, and custom beading.

Brides may also opt for a convertible dress or one with a removable jacket so they can look a bit more traditional for the ceremony and lot less conservative for the reception. One bride I knew wore a handcrafted floor length coat made from a heavy white lace over dark green silk. It was a bit unique, but still appropriate for her church wedding. Then reception time came, and she whipped off the coat, revealing a matching mini dress that was cut so high on one side that only a row of sassy fringe made sure that her tush was covered! With some custom crystal wedding jewelry to match, she was all set to have a really good time at her party. Such a risque dress might not be for everyone, but that is exactly the point – a custom wedding dress will showcase your own unique style.

Quirky locations are another fun wedding idea for an offbeat bride. One bride I know was married in dramatic Gothic stone church that had been deconsecrated. It was definitely a first for most guests to dance and party in what used to be the nave of a church! Outdoorsy types can look for special locations outside for their weddings. You might have a retro campsite wedding or an enchanted forest celebration complete with fairies. Cities offer many great possibilities for non-traditional wedding venues, including modern art galleries, urban lofts, and funky restaurants.

There are many, many more ways to embrace your offbeat side as a bride. Perhaps you carry a bridal bouquet created from vintage brooches instead of flowers. Or maybe your groom wears cufflinks inspired by his favorite movie or video game. You could walk down the aisle to a song from your favorite show. As long as you put your heart into it, your quirky and unique wedding is sure to be absolutely fantastic, not to mention a whole lot of fun!